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All Comments

My bf finds it disgusting to pee and shower on the shower ground at the same time.?
He said he pee into the toilet bowl and then shower. I find it extraordinary or rather weird. Isn't this what we do - to pee and shower at the same time and same spot? Comments please.
i don't do that as it will stink up the whole bathroom

and i dont wanna step on my pee..
The rooms for shower and pee is seperate, how to say?
bathroom is the room for shower/ bath and pee(toilet), if they are seperate into 2 rooms, how do I call them??
I grew up with a separate bath/shower and a dressing room. What you are taking about is a restroom and a bathroom.

Restroom has place/s for getting rid of waste but no shower or bath tub
Bathroom has bathtub and may or may not a shower but will have one of the two and MAY have the same as a Restroom but does not have to, if a separate room is used.

3/4 Bathroom has a shower, toilet, and a sink

Shower room is used in places like schools, gyms, and when very near a swimming pool or spa.
Why are people disgusting and pee in the shower?
I know your gonna get all mad at me. But really, the toilet is too far away, so you are a bunch of pigs who pee in your shower, just cause you dont like a little interruption. It is socially unnacceptable, and politically incorrect.
I poop in the shower.
When you are in the shower and you have to pee, do you get out and use the toilet?
I saw on a TV show a guy made fun of another guy by say "I bet u get out of the shower to pee too" Usually I go before I get in but if I have to while in there I just go down the drain. Do most people do that? Why would he make fun of the guy for getting out tho?
everyone pees in the shower as it is the 11th commandment. If I knew someone who did get out to pee I would laugh at them
Do you get out of the shower if u have to pee?
I saw on TV a joke about peeing in the shower. I usually have a routine that I pee while the water is warming up, but sometimes I have to go while in there and i just go down the drain.
Is there something wrong with that? I figure the shower washes it down before the next person gets in.
I only pee in other peoples showers :))
How does one pee in the shower?
so i saw some people on here that like to pee in the shower. i want to know how so i can try. but i need detailed instructions. please give 1. 2. 3... instructions from what temp. water to what position to ''go'' in, and is it possible to pee when you dont need to?? please people how do you do it! i need help.
you can only do it while doing a hand stand.
Do other girls pee in the shower or the sink sometimes?
Sometimes, I pee in the shower or the sink, just for the fun of it... Am I weird? Do other girls out there do the same?
somehow, this is strangely attractive....................
Why are people lazy and pee in the shower?
it is disgusting, and very socially unacceptable. So why am I finding all this garbage of people who do it? You dont go pooping in your shower, or puke. So why pee.
I agree it's disgusting and I hate using lysol bleach to clean the stains.
Do you pee in the shower or the pool? Would you let your guys do it?
Do you pee in the shower or the pool? Would you let your guys do it?
This came up when I was babysitting my nieces at the apartment complex's pool. Since its a long walk to the apartment its easier to turn on the deck shower and secretly pee, or to just do it in the water when nobody's around.

(there isn't a bathroom there cuz its just an outdoor pool, and i guess people walk back to their apartments)

What would you do?
Well I have done both when I was younger. I would not let my guys if I had some do it. If it was an emergency I would make them do it in the bushes haha thats wat my momma made us do. Im a chick btw! :)
Do you pee in the shower when showering with boyfriend/girlfriend?
Im asking because me and my boyfriend are planning on taking a shower together. Im worried about peeing in the shower because the warm water makes me have to go. He actually told me he pees in the shower and I told him I do too but I dont know if it would be a good idea to let him see me do it.
How about you pee BEFORE the shower to ensure that you don't pee when you are showering with him. Peeing in the shower is fine, but it's something you should do when you are alone. Showering with your boyfriend is supposed to be a romantic thing, and peeing on him would probably ruin the moment. Unless of course he's into being peed on.

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