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Would you marry a Glamour girl or Lingerie model if she was really hot?
Assuming you luv her & get on well. Would you be OK if she posed in Mags like Nuts, Zoo weekly, FHM, Front, Loaded, Maxim, Playboy as well as on Page3?

Is being a Glamour girl/Lingerie model a respectable career?
I'm becoming a Glamour (lingerie) model and my boyfriend doesn't agree..?

I have recently been signed up to an agent to become a Glamour Model and do jobs such as FHM, Ralph, etc.
I told my boyfriend and it does not sit well with him and he tells me to do what will make me happy, but he doesn't want anyone seeing my body. He thinks I will probably get into Porn etc.
I love him so much and tomorrow I have to sign my contract with my agent and my first shoot is next week with infamous photographer Richard Arthur.
This is something I really want to do so badly and I know I could travel and make good money.

What do you think. Its a great opportunity, but I'm worried I will lose my man, but also if I don't do it regret it for a long time.
Go for it, my girl friend does the same thing ive even chilled out on set a few times. Everyone gets a the porn mindset when glamour modeling comes up but if you work with reputable people everything is professional. Most of the time there is so much stuff going on no one notices the model until its shooting time anyway, or shes away in hair and make up.
How do you find a modeling agency for glamour models?
I am trying to find an agency that works with glamour models. I am not having very much luck searching online. I want to do work like Maxim, FHM, and Playboy. I want to do lingerie runway shows as well.

Do agencies in general work with glamour models or is it select agencies?

I live in Baltimore, MD.
First, those are completely different sects of modeling. For lingerie fashion shows, you need to have VS model measurements (typically 34-24-34...they may take slightly bigger hips and bust but the point is your hips and bust need to be the same size and your waist 10 inches smaller than both, and at least 5'8-5'10). If by some chance you have those measurements, go to any agency now. It's the hardest thing to get into.
If you don't, more likely, you don't need to be signed to an agency. Big magazines like that prefer you to be unsigned with no attachments (esp. Playboy). Maxim doesn't even pay their models...literally, they get paid nothing. FHM is only online now, no longer in print.
For Playboy, you need to attend a casting call. They are listed on the Playboy websites, and travel all over the nation.
But generally glamour models are NOT signed. If PB made you a Playmate for example, they would sign you for 2 years. If you are already signed, they can't sign you.
I am a glamour model and let me tell you, to make this full time work you have to work DAMN hard, be your own manager and constantly be keeping yourself perfect. A lot of travel, and there is a lot of competition out there.
I would go for PB first if I were you. Once you have that on your resume, work comes in very quickly.
How old do i have to be to go lingerie/glamour work?
im 5 ft 6 size 6/8. 32E boobs and i'm always being told i should model and i have been asked to model before.
i was wondering how old do you have to be to join places like samantha bond to do underwear/lingerie modelling?
i'm 16
do my measurements sound like a model?
i always give best answer :) xxx
Yes- with 32E boobs you would be able to model bras and lingerie. Normally, 5'6" would not be tall enough for a model. There is about a 5'8" minimum. But, once again, 32E is a nice size boobs and should sell a lot of bras for some company.
16 years old should be acceptable for many companies allowing you to model. But, of course- they will need your parent to sign off on contracts.
How to becom glamour or pinup model in nyc?
hi everybody. i have everything to become glamour or pin up model, but i don't know where to go and whom i need to show my pictures to in nyc. i went to some fashion model agencies, but they basicaly told me that i'm short and i have big boobs for fashion, but they didn't tell me what i should do to become lingerie or glamour model. so please anybody tell me what i should do and where to go?
It doesn't take much - go on Craig's list, look for photogs who want to shoot glamour and pinup stuff, and then show up. Unless you are working through an agency (which doesn't normally book this kind of work, which is why they wouldn't be interested in telling you how to go about doing it), you won't make much money, if any, and you might not be working with the most professional photogs. That's not to say that some legit photogs aren't out there shooting this stuff - but they typically hire quality models (who have model stats) to do it.

Why do you want to do this? Ego boost? For fun? As a hobby? A need to capture your youth? Do you think you're going to make a career out of something like this? It is truly unlikely. You can make a hobby of it, but a career is virtually impossible unless you look like Dita von Teese.

You need to decide why you're really doing it - that will dictate how serious you are about finding good, trustworthy photogs. Guys who shoot lingerie and pinup "models" are a dime a dozen on the internet, and they will shoot anyone that shows up, regardless of their true modeling potential (or lack thereof). If you show up willing to show some skin, they'll photograph you.

Be safe and ALWAYS take a chaperone with you. If a photog refuses to let you bring someone with you, don't bother with him/her.

As for sending your photos to major retailers and hoping that they'll want to hire you - that is the most misleading advice EVER! Retailers like that book agency models - they don't take girls off the street and pay world-class photogs to take photos of them for their advertisements. Agencies don't have interest in you, according to your post, so retailers who are agency clients won't either, sad but true.
How can i find work as a lingerie model for plus size lingerie?
hi, im interested in modelling plus size lingerie but i have no idea where to start, does anybody have any ideas? i'm also interested inn doing glamour modelling in magazines - but again for the plus size market, any ideas on who i should be contacting? cheers
You need to go to a legitimate modelling agency eg

Never go to a photographer you do not know, without being accompanied for your safety
Any glamour , lingerie , comercial print modeling agencies ?
In London , Italy , Switzerland ?
Have you tried being a pornstar yet...Because your headed that way.
Models or real women?
Hi all, this is a question for all the women on here, we are a company that sells lingerie, sexy footwear to consumers, we are revamping our websites and wanted to know if women would actually prefer us to use images containing models from our manufacturers or if they would prefer our lingerie to be modeled by real women, the sites will have different images of different women for each size of the lingerie lines, so for example you pick a item of lingerie and choose the desired size, when selected the image will change to one that has a women of that size modelling the lingerie instead of a glamour/lingerie model, we would like your views

Model or real women?
I would prefer you use REAL WOMEN. Short and minorities.

Nordstroms are now using people who has disabilities in their ads.

I don't purchase any products when I see CELEBRITIES promoting a certain product, I just think 'they must be desperate!'
Could I do lingerie modeling??
I will be 18 soon, and I wanted to start in the modeling business. I was thinking along the lines of Lingerie/Swimsuit/Glamour modeling. Could I? I don't know if height is an issue. I'm a little short. . .

I'm 5'8"
African American and Japanese
I have size C chest, and I'm well curved.
I think this style of modeling would fit me well.

Also, I would be going to Beijing for school soon. Do they have as many oppurtunities in this sort of modelin as in the U.S.A.?

Here's a photo of me:

(I switch between straightening my hair and leaving it curled. It gets very wavy/fro-ish when it gets wet.)
I think the Chinese government may not be so tolerant of modeling that shows so much skin. I think your best shot is in the west.

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