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Are there any daily lesbian parties/bars in or around Toronto?
I am going to be in Toronto next week, and I would like to go out. I am comfortable in Gay and Goth bars, but I would really like to find a Lesbian bar. If so, can you tell me about it. Thanks
I think the best Lesbian bar in Toronto is (Slack Alice) located 562 Church Street ,Toronto their phone number is (416) 969-8742
it seems to be always busy every night with good loud music..

Have fun...
Where are the monday night lesbian parties in orlando?
looking for a girls party in orlando -- where are they?
I'm in O-town but I am home waiting for my wife... I don't think Monday night is a big party night... Try The place (cant remember the name) on Bumby by the 408 or Faces out by Cassleberry or Pulse on N. Orange Ave??? Good Luck.
If I only like to make out with girls at Parties, am I a lesbian?
I date guys but I only like to make out with girls at parties and would never make out with a guy at one.
You're probably bi-curious. You'd probably know if you were lesbian or not. ;D
At College/University Parties, What Percentage Is Bisexual Girls/Lesbian?
What College/University Has The Highest Lesbian/Bisexual Girls Rate ??

Im Bisexual And I Would Just Like Too Me One.

Help Me !!
Thanks !

Im A Freshman In High School, So Im Trying Too Think Ahead !!
Mills College in California, and Wellesley and Smith Colleges in Massachusetts are widely considered to be lesbian or at least LUG colleges. It's considered uncool not to have at least one lesbian sexual experience while in school.

Several other women's and coed colleges, especially in the Northeast are radically pro-lesbian/bi, and anti-hetero. Wesleyan University has an LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM "safe space" for the "lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, genderf**k, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission sadism/masochism community".
At College/University Parties, What Percentage Do You Think Is Bisexual Girls/Lesbian?
What College/University Has The Highest Lesbian/Bisexual Girls Rate ??

Im Bisexual And I Would Just Like Too Me One.

Help Me !!
Thanks !

Im A Freshman In High School, So Im Trying Too Think Ahead !!
It's really hard to tell, what with so many girls declaring themselves LUG/BUG (lesbian/bisexual until graduation). That, and it's always hard getting a good, reliable statistic of LGBT people.

If you want to find other lesbians, most colleges and universities have a GSA club where you can meet others like yourself. I joined mine and now have some very close LGBT friends!
How to find a lesbian cruise or another intersting lesbian event in NYC?
I would like to find a gay cruise to propose to my gf on in teh next couple weeks but not sure how to approach it, the last lesbian cruise i went on was organized by bum bum bar from queens and that was back in the spring. Let me know how i can go abotu doing this? i am also open to a lesbian party but nothing ghetto like a club, but a lil bit more sophisticated.. thanks
A cruise sounds so awesome. I'd go to a travel agency. They would be able to give you the best advice. And they'd have all the information ready for you.
I hope she says yes! Best of luck with this!
Don't forget though. A simple proposal is also a good proposal. Maybe go out to the park and propose. Or take her out to dinner and then take her somewhere special to both of you. Either way, I see you're putting in a lot of thought into this! I'm sure everything will be perfect! GOOD LUCK! I wish you both happiness
If it werne't for the WNBA would tennischick2007 have less lesbian dance parties to attend?
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My moms a lesbian and has been secretly recording my slumber parties and friends in the shower?
what do i do shes my mom should i report her
Yes report it.Thats messed up.How would you feel if you where at a friends house and someone recorded you wouldn't you want some one to tell.IT'S HARD BUT ITS WHATS RIGHT.

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