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When is I cant think straight movie about lesbian love coming to dvd?
I really want to watch the movie. I had read the book and really like it. I love the lesbian love story between the two girls. so i know it is coming to dvd but i dont know when. so if you have any information on the release date i would reallly appreciate it. Also if you have any information about the world unseen i would also aappreciate it as well. Thank you for your time
It's already out.

Country Date

UK June 2008 (London Film Focus)
India November 2008
Canada 21 November 2008 (Toronto)
USA 21 November 2008 (limited)
Germany 11 February 2009 (European Film Market)
UK 3 April 2009
Germany 16 April 2009
Could you suggest a good lesbian stand-up comedy DVD?
I love Wanda Sykes, and her new DVD is coming in the post via Amazon,but in the meanwhile, can anyone suggest some other lesbian stand-up comedy DVDs?

I have the day off and just feel like curling up in front of the telly and having a good laugh.


XX Sarah
How about Kate Clinton? www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.as…

Or Margaret Cho (even though she's not a lesbian): www.amazon.com/Margaret-Cho-Assas…
We don't approve of gay marriage, but I still want to keep my lesbian porn collection?
My wife and I are really good people, and our value system just does not allow us to approve of gay marriage. It's a sin in the eyes of the good book!

However, my wife is being a real pain about my lesbian DVD collection. Technically, I don't think the bible ever said anything about lesbians.

Please give me advice on this important topic. I have over 750 lesbian DVD's and it would be a significant emotional and financial loss if I had to donate them to goodwill.

God Bless you!
Well, given the fact that I probably star in at least 30% of the titles in your collection, I can't condemn you or judge you, no matter what the Bible says.

If your wife can't accept you as you are, then she is no true Christian. Not to mention, I'm having trouble recalling any Bible passages directly relating to porn. So, I say it's fine in the eyes of God. Look at it this way, you're actually strengthening your marriage by watching it. It's keeping you from actually going out and finding lesbians of your own to canoodle with.

May god's light shine from your every orifice!
Whats your favourite romantic,sexy lesbian dvd ?
Something to set off some fireworks on a cosy night in ?? Which are your favourites ?? I'm talking something I can get from the local video store ?? not plain brown wrapper .. We loved Bound and Tipping the Velvet
Here are a few suggestions:

When night is falling
Watching you
Desert Hearts
Better than Chocolate
Aimee & Jaguar
Chutney Popcorn
If these walls could talk 2
Lesbian Kissing DVD's?
Can anyone please give me the exact titles of some of these? focusing on mostly kissing. i would like to go to my local shop and order them. or is there a site where i can get dvd titles?
Dude, you're giving off this HUGE pervy vibe.
Does anyone know of any books/DVD's that address lesbian relationships? NOT PORN?
I am writing a book and the central point is a lesbian couple. I would like to know if anyone knows of any books or DVD's that focus of lesbian sex (my sex scenes are all based on my own experience and I'm like to make them a bit less biased), lesbian pregnancy or lesbian parenting?

I have watched "If These Walls Could Talk 2" and I would like some more ideas, if you know of any books could you give me the name of the book and maybe the author if you know it. For DVD's the title and year would be great so I can try and get hold of some of them.

PLEASE NO PORN, this is for a serious book :) thank you
Books check out Lesbian Pulp Fiction its condensed lesbian romance novels of the 50s and 60s Curious Wine by Cathrine v. Forrest. All The Bold Days Of My Restless Life by Sharon Stone
Movies Better Than Chocolate, Personal Best, Fire, High art, The incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, When Night is Falling, D.E.B.S., and But I'm A Cheerleader. Oh and If These Walls Can Talk part 2 Sharon stones in this one
Is there any version of GIA on dvd that cuts out the lesbian scene?
Is there a version of GIA on dvd that cuts out the lesbian intercourse scene between Gia and Lisa(is that her name?)
Just close your eyes and think about shopping, that's what I do when my husband... oh, wait. I mean. Fast forward through it.


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