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Is female masturbation a sin in christianity? and...?
ive been doing a little research on this topic but for the most part ive only came across the subject when it only spoke about MALE masterbation. and ive also read that your body should only be shared with your spouse and is considered to be selfish if you masterbate so...

im 20, still a virgin, never had a bf, i dont believe in marriage nor do i believe in having sex period or want any guys. but i do tend to watch some clips now and then and masterbate or not even watch them sometimes and still do it.

but, i still believe that even when both individuals are married it looks like a form of lust to me. i mean they must get horney and lust for each other to have sex with. the same goes for non married people.

i was taught and raised about christianity and how jesus is the savior, etc..

so is female masturbation considered to be a sin at all?

ps.) please donot say i will change my mind in the future, ive heard it too many times in person and online with my family and i still have yet to change my mind about marriage
The sin related to masturbation is lust. Male or female is irrelevant.
Female Masurbation?Help please...?
Hiya there.
I'm 17 and im just wondering about masturbation,
Ive seen clips before of women who circle there cl.it directly to get off, but when i try that it just doesnt do anything for me!
yes sometimes i do watch porn to help me, because it takes muchh longer if i dont.
Is my cl.it not as sensative as others? i mean i can finish, but sometimes i just go over the outside of my knickers, than directly touching my c.lit//, if i touch it directly i can hardly feel anything nice?
Is that normal?
Yes it is normal. Not every one is the same. What may arouse one, may not be effective to some one else. Masturbation is a way of satisfying oneself touching, rubbing & thereby giving sensual pleasure to the body & mind. What you watch in pornographic movies are most likely fake. Please don't imitate what they do if it is not effective for you. Just explore yourself & gradually you will know what arouses you & what doesn't. Rubbing outer part of vagina, massaging neck, breasts, hip, fingering G-spot are just to name a few which you may try.
Physical/emotional attraction, Help me out.?
I'm a 20 old male, and I'm very 'confused'.

I'm just the average guy who likes sports, plays video games, enjoys to go out and have fun downtown.

So, 'all' my life I've thought I was completely straight, but now I'm having doubts.

I've fallen in love three times, all have been with girls. I've never kissed or done anything with another male.

My interest for sex started at a very young age, and masturbation at 11. Back then the image of a female breast (even out of context) could feed my fantasy for a long time. As I got older, I started having more easily access to pornography, and I took advantage of it. I'd only watch straight porn but as I'd get bored of watching the same thing over and over again, I'd start watching more 'dirty' but still straight porn. By accident I came across some homosexual porn, and I found it interesting, well, parts of it, and that didn't bother me. It's healthy to be curious.

Now its gotten to the point where basically straight porn is so boring, I don't get turned on very much because I've seen it all before. Having watched some not-straight porn, I found that interesting because it was 'new', and in a way that got me off.

However, when I'm near pretty females (especially ones I like) I find it hard to speak, I don't know what to say, and I act really shy. I never get that around guys. Around females I worry about how I look, if my teeth are white enough and if I should perhaps get a haircut. Around guys its the usual - act cool.

So in conclusion, I'm emotionally attracted to girls, but I don't think I'll find them sexually attractive before I fall in love with one. That's why I can't and will not have one night stands, I think it's wrong, but that's just me. I've never felt emotionally attracted to another male, and can't imagine having that happen. It is truly just a sexual attraction. However, its just to some extend. Watching two guys kiss does not appeal to me at all for example. It's just a couple things that do. It seems interesting.

But then again, I'm 20, I'm young and all this could simply just be a phase. It could also just be that I am a bit curious, but I'm pretty confident that I'm not fully homosexual.

To be honest, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I was 'brainwashed' by pornography at an early age. It left nothing to the imagination. Watching another clip of some 'naughty' school girl who's gets detention and then gets down and dirty with her teacher is old stuff and really doesn't turn me on anymore. I've seen two girls/one cup and even that got me turned on to some extent. I think I get turned on by things that are dirty and wrong, just because they are dirty and wrong. I wouldn't actually want to act any of it out. It's just part of my 'fantasy' which helps me get aroused.

A lot of it (if not all of it) is in my head. It seems as if I keep trying to convince myself that I'm gay, but that doesnt feel right, not because of 'gay' in society, but because I really don't think I am. It's gotten to the point where even nothing sexual can get me aroused, just because I start thinking these thoughts - that's not normal. I'm just very confused, I think.

I would just like to hear what other people thought of this, and/or if they could relate.

Appreciate it!
I could drfinantly relate. I started masturbating when I was 12 and now I am 15 when I was about 13 I had a true urge to stop and did for a few weeks at a time but porn and mb just kept returning to my thoughts.

I am still a virgin and I was wondering if you were also. Because if that is the cas you have nothing to worry about. When you lose your virginity you it will truly understand what gender you are attracted to.

As for the gay stuff. Don't worry you're not gay, maybe a little wired but not gay. Every man has probably wondered about homosexual sex or even watched it. It just means your a bit kinky.

I say don't worry about the gay stuff. Just get it off your mind. As for the porn just give it a break. I once masturbated for 2weeks 2times a day and I had to quit porn. And one I didn't masturbate for 1 week and it felt so good to let it out finally.

You just need to moderate the porn and keep it straight and lay off the kinky stuff that part is for 65 year old creeps. Not a 20 year old guy like you.

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