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Anyone know how to keep from *** going through pants?
Okay me and my girlfriend like to fool around but not always a place where i can *** somewhere. So if i accidentally release in my pants, whats the best way to avoid it soaking into my pants/shorts and leaving a noticeable splotch. Any methods to avoid this?
Yeah just wear underwear and when it happens just change them and put on a clean pair.
I *** in my pants when I see my girlfriend why does this happen to me?
Ok we are both in our 20's! We have been dating 4 years She is very cute, adorable even I kind of feel bad because she looks so innocent I just... am so sensitive I can't help it... she comes near me and I *** my pants sometimes! Not always but if she actually touches my dick I shoot off like a rocket! What to do? WHY AM I LIKE THIS!?
Maybe because you are very sexually connected with her . How about telling her this . I think you love her alot and instead of a normal way of saying it , it "cums" out like that . But its nothing to be worrried about! You obviously want to spend the rest of your life with her <3
Why do I *** in my pants when we make out?
When i'm with my gf and we start to kiss i get so excited I **** and i can't control it. It has got me really worried about having sex and doing other things in the future!
That's not strange. You are excited and you apparently don't have any sexual stamina yet. Work up to it on your own.
Will my parents find *** in my pants?
I jerk off in my pants sometimes and then shower and put my dirty clothes with *** on them in a dirty laundry basket and like a week or two later my parents put all my clothes in the laundry and will they find the *** or not? Not all my dirty clothes have *** in them... And sometimes they wash it a day or two after i jerk off.
um unless they are really looking for ***, then they shouldnt find any
Can gonorrhea be transmitted if pre-*** is on pants and someone else touches those pants?
i had injection for gonorrhea on thursday. on friday night i slept in the same bed as another guy. we were both wearing pants. we just kissed and cuddled. my pants got a bit damp probably with pre *** but maybe discharge. is it possible that the other guy could have gotten gonorrhea?
Hello, gonorrhea is a STD that is spread through sexual contact with another person. This includes penis to vagina, penis to mouth, penis to rectum, and mouth to vagina. If you were both wearing clothes, it's unlikely that the disease could have spread to him. While gonorrhea doesn't need ejaculation to be transmitted, it usually requires some form of actual sexual contact.
Can a guy *** in his pants by just being really horny?
No physical stimulation involved?
Yes, but it is very difficult. It has only happened to me a couple of times.
Is it normal to *** in your pants in school?
sometimes at school i *** in my pants is that normal???
Not unless you have really hot teacher... i bet you **** over your maths and science teacher dont ya?
Do guys actually *** in their pants?
In movies it always shows guys getting excited from making out or grinding that they come right there in their pants. it doesn't seem real. i mean, i takes a lot more than that to make me ***. does this really happen or is it just something hollywood made up?
Oh it happens. I've made several guys c um like this. All it takes is a little teasing and the promise of more to come. Trust me, its true.

How fast will a 17 year old guy *** if you rub him over his pants?
just curious, your making out with a guy, and you start to rub him through his pants, then move into his pants over his boxers, will he ***? and what if hes groping your boobs? just trying to get in their heads.
This will happen in record speed.

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