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Why is it black women are more open and accepting of a guy with a foot fetish than women of other races?
i mean latina and asian and especialy white womwn find having a foot fetish odd but black women are more open and actually enjoy it no offense but are black women more open minded or are they just fun and adventerous please enlighten me.
I'm Latina/White. I don't find anything odd about fetishes. Perhaps you need a broader sample base on which to base the assumptions of your question.
Cultural group: why does like almost every black guy have a foot fetish ?

on jerry springer, on youtube comments, on porn sites comment box
they always say things like "she got sexy feet" "her feet look good" etc. lmaol

whats attractive about feet?
No. 1, Jerry Springer is staged.

No. 2, there is no way of telling someone's ethnicity through a comment.

No. 3, Your grammar is horrible.
My black husband has a fetish for white women's feet?
I am a hispanic woman married to a black man. I found out about 7 years ago that my husband has a foot fetish (tickling). I have noticed all the sites he looks at are of white women. When we are out he is always looking at white women's feet. I feel like he should have married a white women. I think he married me because I am in between. I don't look white, but I can pass for black. This has really bothered me and I have asked him about it. He has denied that it is only white women he desires. But he has failed to prove me otherwise. Can someone help me understand? I know it may sound silly but I am very self-conscious about it.
My god we men are *so* screwed up when it comes to sex.

Now listen - we separate our fetish sex from our wife sex. Women can't - we can.

But he doesn't know - he has no clue - how much this hurts your feelings.

You have to just say, "Look. I don't get the tickling white women's feet thing as sex. I never will. But you do it so much that I think... " and then keep it short but tell him what you said here about why you think was *one* reason he might have married you. And that it makes you very insecure about the relationship - sometimes just because your feet aren't the right color for crying out loud.

Have him address the color/marriage issue, and then work out with him some kind of balance about sex and feet and white chicks - maybe 3 visits to a tickle site a week or something you can both live with so it's not like all he does when he obviously has this very caring willing woman sitting right next to him. Perhaps explore some other non-white woman fun games together in bed, too!
I have a foot fetish and wanted to know some of your thoughts (not looking for negative remarks either)?
i am a young black male who is nowhere near weird but i do seem to have a foot fetish..personally i don't think its weird but its just something i wouldnt feel comfortable shouting out to the world with (unless everyone had one) .And for most women who do think that its weird i wonder why women want so much attention and when they get it it could be something as little as admiring her sexy feet that she gets freaked out by..i just want to see if there were a couple of women out there who would enjoy that type of attention and plus way more because i love the whole body ;).....also (nothing racial) i love black womens feet that are kept very very well even though i do as well like any other
It's mind over matter. If she don't mind it don't matter...
How does a white girl like me approach a black girl and tell her..?
I'm looking for a black girl with a foot fetish,one who's willing to give me pedicures,massages and and s*ck on my sexy long toes?Would she get violent and hit me,or would she comply with my demand?
I have this fantasy of having a black girl at my pretty feet.
Best advice don't do it girls are not that freaky ..they would prefer it from you.
People with a foot fetish, what color should I paint my toes?
What's your favorite toenail polish color? I think black looks the best, but what are your opinions?

(Don't answer this just to hate on foot fetishists, I don't care about your ignorant, closed minded opinions)
Red or black.
What is the movies for Charlize Theron that have foot fetish , or she show her feet in it?
1.(there is a movie she was on the bed with some one and she was holding a black shoe)
2.(she was wearing a white dress and she sit on a chair and put her legs on the bed)

If you know the names of those movies tell me .. and If you know more movies with feet or even sexy movies for her please add them.

I'm pretty sure it's "2 Days In The Valley" movie and I know exactly what your talking about as soon as you mentioned it. That's a pretty good movie there and must I admit that's my favorite scene.
My friends dog has a foot fetish!?!?
this may sound funny, but, my friend Aleasha has this little black doggie, and he has a foot fetish. its funny, because i took off my boots, then her dog came over and started rolling on my feet! i started laughing, and she was all like "I TOLD YOU HE HAD A FOOT FETISH!!!" so i started laughing even harder. anyone else had their (or their friends) dog do this? XD
Wow. That is really funny. My BFF is named Aleasha, too! LOL

My dog has the same problem. I have a Wolador. She loves to lick and nibble on feet. She will sit there and lick my feet for as long as I let her. If I move my foot, she will follow it! LOL

I don't know about you, but it can get annoying. I always tell my Wolador "NO!" Then I ignore her. After that she will stop and settle down. But, this is only if it bothers you.

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