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A bikini waxing question, what styles do i need?
I hav always removed my pubic hair by waxing (then tweezing ingrown and missed hairs) , as i hav tried hair removal cream & it wasnt my cup of tea, so im thinking about a proffesional bikini waxing.
i desperatly need hair removed from around my anus, perineum, vulva, vaginal lips and the rest- leaving nothing but a not so thin (but not a thick) strip. what types of bikini wax types du reccomend? (what are they called so i can check my local salons) how much wud this cost? and what is the name of the bikini wax that removes anus, perineum and vaginal lips hair only?
A Brazilian is the only one which removes hair from all the area's you are wondering about. Also, note a brazilian is also know for removing ALL hair so if you want a small strip in the front then make sure to mention this to the esthetician.
How to wax my bikini area with a home waxing kit int he landing strip style?
I have brought a home bikini waxing kit but I am unsure on how to go about it. I think I want a to go for the landing strip style but I don't know what men would finds the most attractive. But also I don't really know how to do it and a little unsure what it should look like and how far down it should go.Any other tips and styles will help.
would rather take the motor out of my car then wax down there There are things that should be left to us professionals
Best bikini waxing style?
which bikini waxing style is most popular amongst women?
I agree with Samuel. Bald is Beautiful on a woman's vagina, but waxing a little spade into the pubic hair would make me come on the spot. Or a little heart shape. Even a little landing strip. But keep the lips and the taint completely free of hair.
Bikini waxing help(men and women)?!?
So I know there are many bikini wax styles. But what one do men prefer most? I don't want to go completely bald because I'd look like a 6 year old. And I want something attractive. Ladies, what do you usually go for? Men, what style do you prefer?
What bikini wax style is the most common to get?
I heard that the Brazilian wax was the most popular to get... but is that true? isn't that REALLY painful? and what do guys prefer on girls? where do you usually go to get a bikini wax?
it is true and guys love it ....... IT HURTS LIKE A B***H!! But it is worth it and not shaving the first couple of times u might bruise though but it is all worth it in the end. I have my stylist do mine she has been doing it for years
Bikini waxing!?
Ok so I've never had a bikini wax and being that it's summer (would you believe it?!) and I've got a holiday coming up, I thought I might book myself an appointment. Only thing is, I've tried waxing at home before, underarms and legs, and it always seems to tear my skin to shreds. Which I obviously don't want to happen in my more tender regions! Obviously a professional will do it a bit better than I would which'll probably help. But I don't want to go for it if it's likely to happen. What are your thoughts? And what kind of 'style' is best while we're on the subject?!
HI! Well i am only a teen, but i know, that getting a bikini wax is something i think all women should try at least once.
And you re right about the whole doing it yourself thing. i have done that before thinking i knew what i was doing, but trust me, going to the salon is so much better. Amazingly, waxing your legs, etc hurts a lot more than down below!:/
When getting my first wax, i preped myself, and red into it, just like you. I read magazines, you name it. So i first trimmed a little, so it wouldnt be that painful. Before i went i took 2 advils, and soothing music while your getting it done helps.
You should e comfortable as possible. When the bikin waxer begins, i take a deep breath in and blow out while she pulls the strip off. I concentrate more on my breathing than the waxing that way.
Trust me, after you feel so clean, and sexy, like a whole new women!!:) P.s The first time i got it done i had mine a classic rectangle "style" if you will. Then after the first i could go a little adventures and pic shapes like a star, heart, butterfly, lightnig bolt..(u get the picture) It depends on the waxer. So good luck!! and remeber, it pays to be BEAutiful..have fun feeling sexy! enjoy
GUYS: For girls' waxing/shaving styles, do you prefer the regular bikini, Brazilian, or Playboy style?
I'm getting laser hair removal. I don't want the full Lolita/Playboy (don't like the 10-year-old look), but am wondering what shape and how much hair I should leave.
i got laser done and its painful down there and i have a line its thin but i wouldn't go with designs or anything but just do something simple test it out with waxing first and then do the laser.
Where can i get a good bikini style wax in northern ireland?
Just abit of a tidy up around the down stairs area!
Where are you exactly - I know we are a small place, but narrowing the search a bit more would help?

Let me know if you are in, or around, the Omagh area - and I'll get back you.
What different styles can you have in a Bikini Wax?
I've just found out what a Brazilian was ... eep, I don't think I want it *all* taken off.
Are there more styles?

you can basically tell them how you want it waxed.. I am an esthetician and if you just say bikini wax you tell them how you want it.. You can get it just on the sides of your legs, and on the top.. Or however you want it to look.. Hope this helps..

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